Empty movie set with vintage movie gear on a white background

Multimedia Ministry Vision:

The Multimedia Communication Ministry will produce the highest quality audio, video, printed, and internet materials possible utilizing state of the art multimedia equipment and technology. The ministry of Christ at Liberty House Ministries will be accurately represented in broadcast and print media and will reflect the spirit of excellence as we model ministry for the new millennium.


The Multimedia Communications Ministry will record all worship services, Bible studies, conferences, workshops, seminars, and special events sponsored by Liberty House Ministries. These audio, video and internet productions will be appropriately edited and packaged for dissemination via television or general distribution to the public. Additional printed materials such as brochures, Bible study lessons, bulletins, newsletters, and devotional series’ will also be produced and distributed under the auspices of this ministry.


The Multimedia Communications Ministry’s purpose is to produce and distribute materials that will support efforts to win the lost and disciple the saints of God.