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The mission of the Liberty House Ministries is to obey the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by making disciples of all men and women who have, by faith, believed on Him and received His free gift of eternal life. In order to accomplish our mission, we will provide training based on Biblical principles, establish the fundamentals of faith and equip disciples to do the work of ministry.

New Members Intake
The In Take Department is sent forth by God to minister to those who shall be heirs of salvation. Our mission is to thoroughly equip leaders to minister salvation to all who shall call upon the name of the Lord, both here and abroad. As we minister salvation to new believers and welcome new members and visitors, we shall do so with great joy and enthusiasm out of our personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. God desires His people to feel His touch through our anointed words, expressions, gestures and personal testimonies; thereby, allowing potential heirs of salvation to see and feel God’s love expressed through our being.

Administration Department

Mission Statement:

New Members Administration Department is responsible for providing information to our members concerning their profiles, classes and any other pertinent membership information. Our Administration Department is responsible for maintaining an accurate database that provides tracking and follow-up of new members and visitors.

In this ministry, we are able to provide Overseer Oldes with key information that pertains to the overall membership. However, it is a great concern to Overseer Oldes that our membership grows spiritually as well as numerically. As we continue to provide vital, concise and accurate information into the hands of our Visionary and the congregation, we will be able to move to higher and higher dimensions locally, regionally and globally.

Orientation Department

Mission Statement:

Our New Members Orientation Ministry is a threshold to a wonderful beginning at Liberty House. Its primary responsibility is to orient new believers in God’s Word. Thereby, we present an orientation curriculum that offers three foundational courses. The complete series of studies will cover the beliefs and doctrines of Liberty House that are based from Holy Scriptures. In addition, New Member Orientation acquaints new members with various areas of service in the church.