Sacred Dance



Ministry Leader and Instructor: Debbie Jones

Ministry Leader and Instructor: Debbie Jones

The Sacred Dance Ministry, as an extension of Liberty House Ministries, is a vibrant, expressive, joyful, and an integral part of the praise and worship experience.

Our mission is to prepare the atmosphere to usher in the presence of God through dance. Our hope is that through our ministry, any yokes of bondage will be destroyed off the members of the congregation, and the preached Word of God will have fresh soil to be planted in. Praise dance prepares us to enter into another realm of worship.

Psalm 149:3 tells us to praise his name in the dance. We therefore present our bodies as a living sacrifice; holy and acceptable to God, which is our reasonable service, (Romans 12:1). We seek to dance before Him with clean hands and pure hearts so that we may usher others into His presence as we ourselves enter in.

Our earnest hope is that we can offer, without a spoken word, the clear message of joy and victory over the enemy. In order to minister in this vital ministry, a person must possess the following: · A thriving relationship with Christ · A Holy Spirit-filled life · Skillful ability · Flow, as related to dance · A heart desirous to worship God in spirit and in truth A praise dancer’s purpose should not be to entertain or to please the congregation, but rather to serve and worship the Lord. Our Father seeks true worshippers to worship Him in this manner. We count it a privilege to dance before the Lord!