As God has prepared a way for his people to be free to serve him, a movement was created. The Lord has fostered a magnetic personality, with a specific intent for his people in our leader, Bishop Vance Oldes.

While serving as the Youth Pastor and Street Ministry leader at the Ark of Safety Christian Church, his heart was ignited to organize a ministry, and in July 2006 the Liberty House Ministries was formulated. As God would have it, Bishop Oldes was committed to occupy the position as Pastor, but only with God providing the way and means to begin. It was an humble beginning in the lower level of a private home in Clinton, Maryland.

As God preordained the gifts in our leader, he was equipped to start the ministry with seven members,where he ushered the spirit in the atmosphere, with songs and playing the keyboard, preached the word and took offering. In the meantime, services continued to be held in the one room of the house that held approximately 45 persons. Within two weeks after the church began, a new location was needed.

As God raised our pastor from the streets, he has returned to the streets,but this time with the Word of God. His motto is oing Beyond the Bricks, He refuses to create another church club, or to conduct a Sunday matinee for people to come and watch, but he desires for people to have their lives changed, by the power of God.

Therefore, our present worship site is in an office suite, owned by the county s subdivision of the Economic Development Office. We are here and actively witnessing what God has justified. We all have experienced things in our lives that equipped us for this time. This movement is strategically designed to rescue the perishing from the bondages of life.

Our Bishop’s vision is to offer one hundred thousand bed spaces for the homeless, the widowed, the orphans and the ex-prisoner. We are trained to seek the lost, and to provide a seeker sensitive service,where needs are met.

This church has become a solution driven faith based action program ,to meet people where they are, and to look past their outward appearances and appeal to their heart, and to save their soul, whereby all of the hurt and pain inside of people, will be conformed to strength,liberty, endurance and purpose.

Since the move to this office suite, new servant groups were established and the work of the Lord continues. Now with a membership of 400 we are seeking to relocate to prepare people for the work of Kingdom Building. The Liberty House Ministries movement is to serve and to connect with the body and community,and to provide a more standard life practice, of Gods Word to its members. We strive to be 100% tithers,home owners and debt free!!