Nicole C. Oldes, a native of Washington D.C., is the wife of Bishop Vance R. Oldes and First Lady of Liberty House International Ministries in Landover Md.

Mrs.Oldes serves in several capacities as an exemplary leader and an example of a virtuous woman.

Mrs.Oldes worked for 20 years in nursing. Currently, Mrs. Oldes lends her service and talent in many areas. She serves on the Board of Directors for Liberty House Bed Space Fund , founded by Bishop Oldes in 2006,.Mrs.Oldes mentors and provides guidance to those wives whose husbands are working in Liberty House Ministries, assisting Bishop Oldes.

In 2007 she started co-partnering with a group of developers called Business for Billionaires(B4B), to aid in the development of revitalizing communities,through economic advancement. One of their primary focus, is to build safe havens, where the destitute can become empowered to become socially,spiritually and mature individuals.

Lady Oldes has directed and administered the Stewardship/Accounting Ministry for 12 years.

She is the Leader of the Women Ministry at Liberty.

She presently serve as Chief Administrative Officer of Liberty House International Ministries assisting the Bishop in all of the administrative and corporate duties of the ministry; including overseeing personnel benefits, facility acquisition and maintenance, construction management, budgeting, accounting and stewardship, marketing, ministries operations, etc.

Mrs. Oldes ensures that her other covenant relationships are well maintained. She faithfully serves as her husband’s helpmate.