Bishop’s Assistant

Bishop’s Executive Assistant: Emily Hale

PURPOSE: To serve the church by providing comprehensive and broad-based assistance to Bishop Oldes and managing the office of the Bishop.


1. Manage the day-to-day operation of the Bishop’s office by receiving all incoming work and correspondence, delegating the work to appropriate individuals (inside and outside the office) and supervising the processing of the work inside the office to its satisfactory completion.

2. Manage Bishop’s Oldes calendar by scheduling appointments, appearances, meetings and speaking engagements.

3. Build good public relations with the congregation, media ministry, and the general public.

4. Coordinate travel arrangements for Bishop Oldes.

5. Maintain up-to-date personnel files and schedule performance evaluations.

6. Attend meetings with and for the Bishop upon request.

7. Help the Bishop on Sunday mornings and before and after other worship services.

8. Work with the Bishop to develop new ideas and special projects.

9. Work with appropriate committees, officers and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.

Church Administrator

Church Administrator : Katrina Alston Coy

Purpose of Position : To create and maintain an organized environment with good communication and management that enables clergy, staff, and lay members to minister effectively. Administrator must have the ability to see the vision of Liberty House Ministries while managing the detail and providing the structure that supports the vision.


This position supports the Bishop, overseeing daily administration, human resources, and property management of a 500-member church. When a consultant is utilized to assist with vision or planning for Liberty House, the Church Administrator is expected to work closely with the consultant and follow up on any action plans or recommendations made. Spiritual gifts of Administration, Leadership, and Discernment are all important.


Create the annual budget supporting the LHM mission and vision, present the budget to the congregation and respond to all financial questions at congregation meetings and forums.


Oversee computer and other technology hardware and software, vendors, and purchase; provide a means for staff training when necessary; assist in the trouble shoot basic server and networking issues; and consider the vision and planning of the church when considering long-range purchasing plans.


Secretary/Marketing: TBA

LHM Secretary is a computer specialist.
a public relations agent ”dispensing information with ease and courtesy.
an inventory analyst and purchasing agent.
a writer, editor, and publisher of newsletters, fliers, and brochures.
a file administrator.
an administrative assistant ”coordinating calendars, schedules, and appointments.
an office librarian ”setting up procedures to circulate training materials/technical resources.
a supervisor ”managing volunteers (requires skills in delegation, affirmation, conflict management, workflow coordination, and personnel training and development).
an office machines operator (computers, calculators, copy machines, phone systems, dictating equipment, collators, folding machines, and postage meters).
a link between church members and the minister ”frequently engaging in front-line, person-to-person ministry when a hurting member needs to talk. She becomes the listener, encourager, and affirmer, using discretion in passing along critical information to the proper caregiver.
Whether you re a personal secretary of Bishop, or the only secretary in our church, your role is not to run the church; your role is to assist the Bishop and lay leaders, not direct them.

It is vital that the church secretary be equipped with more than professional office skills and expertise. She must be a mature Christian; have a servant s heart; and be loyal to God, the pastor, and the church. To successfully fulfill the role as God intended it, the church secretary must strive for excellence in key areas.

Operations Manager

Operations Manager: Patrick Clarke

The primary responsibility is coordinating the maintenance and operation of our church. In addition he is contact person for physical operation of the facility. He interfaces with the Administration matters of everyday activities and makes recommendations to the administration for maintenance and changes.
To assist in daily performance of some housekeeping services, maintenance requirements, grounds maintenance and servicing of vehicles to ensure all specified areas and/or equipment are functioning properly, kept clean and orderly and to assist with the logistical preparations for various ministry functions.

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