Bishop Vance R. Oldes was born and raised in Washington, DC. He accepted salvation in 1975 at the age of 10. Although he received Christ at a young age, he later found himself trapped in a world of drugs, and crime. In time, God spoke to his heart and his transformation process started. He began preaching in 1994 and was ordained through the Baptist Church in 1998. Additionally, he is an anointed musician and vocalist who truly praises and worships God with his whole heart through the ministry of music. Bishop Oldes’ vision for the Liberty House Ministries is “To save and liberate the lost and captive through lifestyle evangelism. And to provide a seeker sensitve service,where needs are met and true freedom lives”.

On May 5, 2008, Bishop Oldes birthed an interdenominational fellowship, which consist of various ministries that he covers and give instrumental oversight to those he serves.

He went on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the Washington Baptist Seminary in May of 2012.

October 9, 2019, he was consecrated as a Bishop in the Lord’s church under the auspices of  The Presidng Prelate  Bishop Glen A. Staples of the Temple Of Praise International Fellowship of Churches Inc.

Bishop Oldes is a fiery, dynamic preacher and teacher, as well as a natural-born leader, who has a magnetic personality complimented by a loving spirit. Although Bishop Oldes thoroughly enjoys preaching and ministering through music, his primary passion is winning souls for the Kingdom of God. It is quite natural for him to stop a stranger and strike up a conversation about the plan of salvation–and they soon accept Christ. As God raised him from the streets, he has returned to the streets–but this time with the Word of God. His motto is “Going beyond the Bricks.

Bishop Oldes is the proud husband of Lady Nicole Oldes and the loving father of one daughter, Lundyne Oldes.