Christian Family Fellowship is a fellowship that is intended for Senior Pastors who are led to submit themselves under the spiritual covering and apostolic authority of Bishop Vance R. Oldes. Christian Family Fellowship is an interdenominational, interdependent, international fellowship. Its mission is to provide apostolic oversight and fellowship for pastors and ministries who desire to model the unity of the body and proper ecclesiastical order as they serve in the new millennium.

CFF seeks to help Senior Pastors maximize their ministry potential through education, training, conferences, meetings, and retreats.The fellowship was established in 2008 ,with a focus to establish and develop true covenant relationship, .Christian Family Fellowship address spiritual and practical aspects of ministry.

Thus the vision of the ministry is for pastors and leaders to come together as one body in an atmosphere that provides opportunities to build relationships that edify and equip ministers and churches to their unique call and purpose. Bishop Vance Oldes is dedicated to nurturing and mentoring pastors and christian leaders as they fulfill the call of God on their lives while maintaining scriptural integrity. Bishop appreciates every opportunity God gives him to bless other ministries.

CFFA counts it a privilege for you to consider submitting yourself under the spiritual covering of Bishop Vance R. Oldes. Christian Family Fellowship, along with Bishop Vance Oldes and the Presbytery Council has served several pastors and leaders since its inception in 2008.